When we say we know roofing systems, we mean it. With over 30 years combined experience in the roofing industry, we know where your roof is going to leak first, which areas take the worst beating from mother nature, and what needs to happen to make your roof live a long and healthy life. We can even give you an idea of when your current roof is likely to start to give you issues. Afterall, it’s the first line of defense to protect what matters most! At Roofing Service Company, we explain everything so you know exactly what’s on your roof. You’ll understand why we take every detail so seriously and why we choose to install a better roof system. Out of the 20,000+ individual components that make up your roof, it only takes 1 part to fail to cause a big problem.

    We offer a variety of roofs from standard shingles, slate, and concrete tile.
    We offer a 5 Year Warranty and will back it up every single step of the way.

The amount of improperly installed roofs out there far outweighs the ones installed correctly. You may have one of those roofs. Don’t worry, our trained professionals know how to diagnose and find out where your issue is coming from. We always come back with an estimate and explanation of what’s going on and why. As well as how we plan to remedy the situation.

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We strive to install every roof exactly how it should be. That being said, it only takes 1 misplaced nail to cause a problem. We understand that and will come out and fix any issues that were caused by our workmanship. We only install shingles with a lifetime warranty, so most other issues are covered by the manufacturer.

At Roofing Service Company we strive to install breathtaking projects that last a lifetime. Not only to enhance your curb appeal, but to give you peace of mind and increase the value of your home. When it comes to your home, we believe we’re more than contractors. We’re Craftsmen, and our unmatched attention to detail and quality is what helps us build relationships that create customers for life.