Who We Are

A Passion For Quality Going Back More Than 60 Years

Roofing Service Company was started in 1958 by brother-in-laws Sid Strand and Bill Van Velzen in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Roofing Service Company was introduced to Lincoln, Nebraska, by Tracy (Sid’s granddaughter) and Travis Kerner in May 2014. And now we are excited about servicing you in Allen, Texas in April 2020.

We are building our business on clear, consistent communication. Homeowners deserve to have their products installed correctly so they perform to their full potential. We don’t need to be the biggest roofer in town… we just want to do it right. We exist to provide a better contracting experience for our customers on a consistent basis.


Travis Kerner

Travis completed his BS in Industrial Distribution from the University of Nebraska—Kearney. After working for a roofing distributor for 13 years, Travis started Roofing Service Company in 2014. The company is named after his wife’s grandfather’s roofing company. Travis and his wife, Tracy, have three children.

He crafted the Trademark Process that provides you Quality Roofing Every Single TimeCommunication, Craftsmanship, and Care.